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Megamind Animation Movies..Hahaha..

Hahaha..thats the sound i really want to hear..its all about the bad guy that want to be the worst guy in the world. Start from his childhood, he competes with a man name metroman, and his name is megamind.

After beating a metromaaaaan(*i just like on how metroman say it), megamind start rule the world, but he felt nothing, he felt that no one will be his good guy to fight. but meeeetrooomaaaan(hohooo,i like it..) just dont seem to be dead, but he is tired to be the good guy. So megamind trying to create metroooomaaaaaan from his DNA, and wanted the creation to fight him. the best part when megamind is a fool bad guy, just see his act at once, i cant think megamind is the foolest bad guy in the world. Just enjoy the story, u will be guffaw in a second.

note:metromaan good part is when he talk to the metrocity,and what the surprise is metroman voice is bradpitt awesome…no wonder..


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